Cloudways Makes Google Cloud and AWS Hosting Understandable

Cloudways is a hosting company located in Malta. They are bridging the gap between the big cloud platforms that are still technical and the needs of small businesses. Cloudways is helping SMBs take advantage of what cloud hosting has to offer. For example, it tackles the complexity of configuring and setting up platforms like AWS and Google Cloud.

They want to make it so you don’t need to have a systems administrator on hand to take advantage of what these bigger platforms have to offer.

Cloudways for Small Businesses

Small Business Trends contacted Pere Hospital, the founder for more information. He started out explaining more about what the product does.

“Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that emphasizes simplicity, choice, and freedom,” he writes.  “The Platform is built to facilitate businesses in deploying and scaling their online assets without worrying about the underlying hosting solution.”

One of the things that will attract small businesses are the options.

“There’s a choice of five industry-leading IaaS providers and it’s easy to deploy almost all PHP powered applications. Cloudways provides choices so that the Platform remains a great fit for a very broad set of businesses.”

Meeting Challenges

Here’s why small businesses need a hand setting up and configuring the cloud hosting on platforms like Google Cloud and AWS for small businesses.

First off, they need to understand AWS and Google Cloud are industry leaders that offer a very broad lineup of very powerful tools and services.

“All this power comes at a cost,” Hospital says adding it takes time and effort to harness it into profitable business operations.

Keeping Pace

He says these mid-level players such as SMBs and digital agencies need AWS or Google Cloud to keep pace. Many don’t have the skilled team members to manage and maintain a server positioned on these cloud providers.

Setting Up the Server

Simply setting up a server is the first hurdle. Cloud servers are different from web servers. Getting these business-ready requires several steps.

“Small businesses need to install the right OS, set up the stack and then deploy the core business-level applications.”

This usually makes setting up a cloud server the domain of a tech expert that many small businesses can’t afford

Bringing Cloudways Into Play

That’s where Cloudways comes into play. This product takes over server management and allows small businesses to get the most from AWS and Google Cloud.

Why Cloud Hosting Should Matter to Your Small Business

Shared Hosting is one of the models that small businesses favor because it is cheap. Here’s why cloud hosting is better.


Scaling the server to meet demand. In the cloud, scaling resources is about adding virtual servers. There are no physical aspects so you can deal with traffic spikes quickly.

Examining Performance

Cloud hosting is a fact because there’s no physical architecture. Troubleshooting is simpler and there are automated custom-built solutions available.

Considering Sustainability

Cloud hosting has better sustainability for small businesses.  In the end, it all comes down to one word. Uptime.



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